Golden Goddess


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'Golden Goddess' will have you feeling yourself. Its golden brown kinky curls are jaw-dropping. Don’t say we didn’t warn you that this wig is HOT! Just be prepared to get plenty of love about your new hair. It’s soft, natural-looking and is totally knock out. You can wear the curls more defined or loosen them for that Afro diva moment.  Treat yourself. You deserve it!

About Golden Goddess

  • Luxury Golden Honey Brown Blonde  
  • 14 Inches
  • Heat Resistant up to 180 
  • Luxury (next-generation) Premium Fibre Synthetic Wig
  • Fits any head size
  • Adjustable straps and inner combs for added security
  • Soft, natural look, feel and movement
  • Washable (Please see Care and Maintenance)
  • Box includes one Golden Goddess wig, two wig caps, and a Love Gilliana Care guide

Styling Tips for Golden Goddess

  • If you are new to wigs, it’s easier than ever to transform your look.  The flatter your natural hair underneath, the better your wig will look. Simply cornrow/braid your hair and cover it with the wig cap provided. Another option is to gel your hair into a low ponytail, making sure it’s as flat as possible. If you’ve got very short hair, just cover with a wig cap and you are good to go!
  • Once you have the wig cap on, carefully place the wig on your head and adjust to your preference.
    • Golden Goddess is super easy to style, just gently finger through the curls to give them shape and loosen them up.
    • You can trim the wig to your desired afro shape if you wish!
    • The style can be with or without a fringe (bangs).

    For great tips on how to care for your wig, please see Care and Maintenance. 


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