Wigtastic 👸🏽

Gillian Robinson

Posted on August 07 2019

Wigtastic 👸🏽
Gone are the days when wigs were solely for functional purposes. In the past, it was almost taboo to tell someone you were wearing a wig; the assumption would be that you don’t have hair of your own! There has also been times where the perception of wigs were not so positive. This is due to the fact that many looked so ‘wiggy’ and unnaturally shiny.

Now wigs are literally everywhere; donned by all of our favourite celebrities. It’s the fastest and easiest way to switch up your style without having to spend hours in the hair salon and tons of cash!

The best thing is that wigs are can be so realistic looking that it can be hard to tell that the hair is not growing from your own scalp!

Oh and there’s no need to worry about security anymore as there’s so many great options for keeping your wig nicely in place.

There is a wig to suit everyone in the Love Gilliana collection so have a browse and get in touch with any questions at hello@lovegilliana.com!

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