The story behind Love Gilliana

Gillian Robinson

Posted on August 09 2019

The story behind Love Gilliana
Hey beauties,
As a new brand, I want to share the details about what inspired me to start Love Gilliana.

It started with expat life in a small town in Southern Spain where Afro hair shops are non-existent! As a busy mum, travelling up and down the country to maintain my hair and try find the things I needed was simply not an option.
Prior to life in Spain, I loved to switch up my look. I had the pick of hair styles in London.

After ordering countless ‘virgin’ bundles from various vendors and being utterly disappointed with the quality, I came across a brand of premium fibre hair that looked and felt really natural while visiting the UK. It happened to be a fraction of the price of my normal choices but it looked great! Not only that, I could wash it, straighten and curl it too. I was amazed! It certainly made me realise that there are more options on the market and that I don’t need to limit myself to one particular hair type when I want to change up my look.

That was it, I decided that this was something that I wanted to share with other like-minded women who live outside major cities or in countries where hair options are limited. The great thing is that it’s so affordable but looks incredible and luxurious. So that’s how Love Gilliana was born; a combination of passion and the need to solve a problem!
We are only a week old but the plan is to add more and more styles as we grow.

I’d value your feedback so get in touch at hello@lovegilliana.com at any time.
Love Gilliana xx

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