Luxury Wigs Redefined

Gillian Robinson

Posted on August 04 2019

Luxury Wigs Redefined


The Love Gilliana brand tagline is Luxury Wigs Redefined. What do we mean by this? We are passionate about our affordable luxury wig collection. We combine luxury and quality to bring you the most natural-looking wigs for every aspect of your lifestyle. Whether you need a wig for function, fun or lifestyle, we have you covered!

We stand for: 
Affordable Luxury
 – How many times have you seen your favourite influencer or someone that you know in a stunning wig and checked out the vendor only to find that the hair costs crazy money? How do you know that you will get decent quality after spending a fortune? We have all heard lots of horror stories about bad human hair that is mixed, shedding and tangling after a short period.

Our founder has received her fair share of trash human hair too! So, we wanted to create a brand that was friendly to your bank balance but while giving you the most glamorous, natural-looking, fab wigs, ever! We use a next-generation premium  (heat-resistant) synthetic fibre that looks and acts like human hair. It gives you more peace of mind about what you can expect from your wig rather than spending tons of cash and hoping that your hair will be good. 

Customer Care – We always want to hear from you as you are our priority. Feedback is life and will help us become better. We will respond to all messages! We want to make sure that you are getting the best value of your hair by prolonging the life of your wigs. We will provide tips and tutorials to guide you. 

Great quality hair – We want you to get the best value for money so we have a strict quality control process. We simply don’t sell hair that we can’t be proud of. 

Many of the styles have been designed by the founder herself and we want to ensure that the customer journey is a great one. We have thought about every aspect of this experience from packaging to presentation to ensure that it’s aligned with our brand values.  We also make sure that our supply chain is on the same page too! 

Gone are the days when human hair was the only way to go. Our luxury, glam wigs will have you shook, and that’s why we are luxury wigs redefined.

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